Research seminar: « Selective mobilisation of ‘culture’ in judicial settings »

The  seminar  will  address  the  question  of  the  mobilisation  (or  non-­‐ mobilisation)  of  the  notions  ‘culture’  and ‘cultural  diversity’  by  the   different  actors  of  the  judicial  system,  particularly  in  family  and  youth   justice.

Family  and  youth  justice  acquire  access  to  the  intimate  and  private   spheres  of  families,  including  families with  a  migration  background.   The  presentations  discuss  how  ‘culturalisation’  and  ‘migrationsiation’   are prominent  in  these  institutional  settings,  which  are  not  directly  –   or  at  least  not  explicitly  –  related  to migration.

The  seminar  addresses  the  use  of  the  notions  of  ‘culture’  and  ‘cultural   diversity’  by  professional  actors,  their specific  definitions  and  frames   of   reference.  Also   the  different  methodological  or  analytical   frameworks  that can  be  adopted  to  address  the  question  of  ‘culture’   or  ‘cultural  diversity’  in  judicial  settings   will  be discussed.   Furthermore,  we  inquire  what  is  the  impact  of  ‘culturalisation’  in  the   ways  judicial  interventions are  experienced  and  the  ways  in  which   judicial  trajectories  proceed.  As  a  consequence,  is  it  necessary  for the   youth/family  justice  system  to  modify  its  practices,  and  if  so,  which   scenarios  are  possible  and/or desirable

From 9.30 AM to 5 PM lunch included  – Salle Dekkers (CHDAJ) Av. Jeanne 58-60 1050 Ixelles

Registration by mail before march 15, 2017  –   + 32 (02) 650.36.13


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